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Harbin Dongsheng Metal Co., Ltd. is a research, production and sales of high-tech joint-stock enterprise, founded in 1995, the main products for the aluminum industry auxiliary material: Aluminum additives (iron additives, manganese additives, chromium additives, copper additive, additive titanium, nickel additive), speed molten silicon, alloys and various intermediate solvent (cover agent, refining agent, playing Java agent and II flux) and so on.

The company has three production bases located in Cangzhou and Harbin city. The company total annual production capacity of 50,000 tons. Domestic and foreign companies and research institutions and well-known authority metal to maintain close cooperation between universities, business, advanced technology, and advanced chemical analysis laboratory, with a spectrum analyzer such as a full chemical analysis equipment to ensure product quality is higher than the industry standards.

The company has been firmly believe: Credibility is the foundation of this technology is the source of thriving businesses, service is the fountain of life.

Over the years the company's products received by our customers and trust in the country we have established a stable relationship for more than 100 customers, 10 of the largest aluminum companies, with which we maintain a stable strategic 7 years cooperation; at the same time, our products have been exported to Europe, America, Australia, Africa and Southeast Asia more than 50 countries and regions.And with the five largest aluminum company in the world have established a close and stable relations of cooperation.

Pay attention to credit, to ensure real, do not figure floating interest, the steady development of our business has been the goal, we would like to work together with you to create a better future.

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